Friday, July 29, 2011


This week we made a trip to Grandbury to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. We love to visit G & G's neighborhood pool when we go and this time Matt, Abby and Madison even tried out the diving board. There was a group of teenage boys that were having fun diving with Matt and vice versa. I think Matt renamed the Jack Knife as the Pop Top in honor of his older status. They loved it and we're thinking with Facebook and all it might become the new fad. LOL!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


We were blessed to attend the third annual Ethiopian Adoption Fellowship at the home of Emily and Moody Alexander. Several families in and around the metroplex made it this year. The first year we only had two Ethiopian babies home and our number keeps growing exponentially!! LOVE THAT!!!! It is a true blessings to be surrounded by these beautiful families who truly get the beauty of adoption!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


The week after we got back from Ethiopia, Madison headed to Disney World with Nani so Max and Abby were blessed with going to kid's camp that week. It was truly an awesome camp that Pine Cove put on at our church campus. Their counselors were truly amazing and loved on my kids with the love of Christ!! We will definitely be back next year!

And...I have to brag and tell you what they wrote on their recognition cards they wrote for the kids in the pictures below...

Abby: Abby is honest in what she does. She is eager to approach situations with excitement. Abby is uplifting to those around her and inspires her peers to do what is right.

Max: Max is a creative young man. He is cooperative, which allows him to work well with others. Max has a joy for life that is contagious.

We also took some time to beat the heat with some slip-n-slide fun!! The heat wave of 2011 is setting in with every day over 100 degrees!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I've posted these pictures (and more) on Facebook, but I wanted to record it on our Koceich Family picture blog because I don't think there will be another week as significant as this one. I could have posted 100 more pictures and would never be able to convey the meaning of this trip and what God taught me personally. Hopefully the images of the beautiful people from Ethiopia will stir something in you to know more deeply the heart of God.