Friday, June 29, 2012


June FLEW by!! It seems like we just got out of school!! I guess that's what happens when you are so busy having fun!! Highlights of the week... Sam is sporting big boy underwear on occasion.

This is him doing his I love underwear dance...

We finally planted our pumpkin seeds for the pumpkin growing contest. We are in a heated competition with several in our family for the biggest pumpkin (we're hoping our Big Max seeds will do the trick), the prettiest pumpkin, the ugliest pumpkin (knowing me lack of gardening skills we're probably more likely in the running for this one0, and the best carved pumpkin. Sooo can't wait to see how everyone's pumpkins look. It's going to be fun!!

We enjoyed some extreme slip-n-slide. I love their creativity!!

Our awesome Homegroup leaders hosted a backyard bible club in their neighborhood Monday - Thursday. We came to help and really were amazed at the turn out!! Sooo love the idea and can't wait to do it again!!

Max also had baseball camp this was fun, but HOT!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


We celebrated Father's Day with the two favorite dads in my life!!  Soooo blessed!!

Saw this unbelievably gorgeous sunset on the way home...

Abby had the best time at a princess tea and swim party! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We enjoyed a birthday party for a one of Sam's very first friends Bear.  Sam and Bear were in the orphanage together  in how God has them living so close!!  We love this family and had a great time!!

Abby left for Disney World a little girl and came home a princess!  She slept in her beautiful hair and makeup and wore the dress home the next day on the plane!!  PRECIOUS!!  I LOVE the picture of her reunion with Sam.  It is blurry, blurry, but the look on both of their faces says it all!  She got her brother a rubber snake from Disney World.  I think it's the favorite things he's ever received.  Mommy on the other hand has a rule that the snake stays in a particular drawer that I never open, under a sheet and only comes out with permission.  And, if I'm ever scared with's a goner!  Gives me the creeps! 

The Koceich crew is planting a flower bed. I remember when we moved in thinking how beautiful our landscaping was going to look. This is the first house we've owned and I had high hopes. Well, four kids and my own business later we can barely keep up with mowing the lawn. I have been recently re inspired though. I figure my kids are now old enough for manual labor and I have my very first yard crew. We are slow going and I realize it's a little late to be planting flowers, but here we go...say a prayer! :)

** summer fun with friends at the park

Saturday, June 9, 2012


We are starting summer at breakneck speeds!  Abby left on Saturday on her first plane ride.  Nani took her to Disney World this week and she had a blast!  Madison left on Monday for kid's camp.  She made her own super hero costume for a camp event.  She is Book Wizard.  She also had a blaster (water gun) concealed inside a book that she used to blast forms of brain-killing media such as nintendos, tvs etc.  Lots of fun.  Matt began summer school this week so I got to enjoy time with just my boys.  I bribed talked them into a mini photo session.  Funny how I went inside feeling defeated and exhausted and had no idea there were actually a few good ones in there.  Now I know how my clients feel...LOL!
Finally, we started potty training Sam this week.  He is a CHAMP!!  I just took off his diaper for a little naked potty training and put the potty in the living room.  I played the Elmo Potty video a couple of times and gave him lots of water.  He pottied in the potty several times on his own (earning a jelly bean each time...and two for a full tank when I figured out he was giving me a couple drops at a time to earn more jelly beans...he is a SMART one).  He didn't have one single accident on the floor.  I'm not ready for big boy underwear in public, but we are off to a fantastic start!

Friday, June 1, 2012


And whoooooosh...just like that it's the last day of school!!!