Monday, November 26, 2012


The kids had the entire week off of school for Thanksgiving. Normally, that would be a wonderful thing, but in the middle of busy season it just makes for a frustrated mommy who can't get work done and four littles bored silly! To make matters worse I have been sick with a cough/head cold for a month now. It is wearing on me! Can't seem to get better and don't have the time to rest. I don't like complaining, but this is just the way the week was. But, I have an amazing family and we were able to sneak in some great memories and I truly couldn't be more thankful for the amazing life God has given me! We had Thanksgiving at our house on Wednesday night. We had amazing food and I so wish I had taken some pictures but I just didn't have the energy. I always love having my family together in one place. It was the best medicine. On Thursday we had Thanksgiving at Paw Paw and Mamaw's house and got to enjoy time with Megan and her family and Patrick and Noel. The kids LOVE spending time with their cousins! They even capped off the evening with a Thanksgiving play and musical entertainment. Again, no pictures from me, but Thankful for a sister-in-law who happens to be a great photographer who captured these pictures of the kids playing together for me. Madison and Connor were off in their own world (as usual) planning the play and probably solving the world's problems!! Two smart cookies!

We did manage to get the Christmas decorations up and watched our annual Christmas tree
e season opening Christmas movie as a family. This year Elf won the vote! LOVE that movie!!

* sadly, some of the strands went out in our pre-lit tree.  This would have been such a cute shot if the tree lights were all working.   I'll get more lights on there some day...maybe??

We had the world's longest Uno game. I seriously don't remember a game that lasted that long. But, it was fun!! I'm not going to mention who won, but her name might begin with a C and she might be a little competitive!! Just a little!! :)

* best seat in the house

* Charlie couldn't be left out of this fun family gathering!

* I don't know where he learned this expression, but it cracks me up!!!  "Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

46/52 is definitely busy season in more ways than one. I have been busy, busy with sessions and editing and two weeks ago ran the half marathon I had been training for and this past week celebrated finishing up a nearly year-long Systematic Theology class I've been taking. CORPS (which is the name of our theology class) has challenged me and grown me in many ways. It is a huge blessing to have a solid foundation and understanding of the bible and to be building in confidence to share that information with others! God's word is living and active and sharper than a two-edged sword and I want to correctly handle HIS Word of Truth! I have grown deeper in my understanding of What God did for me (though, I'm certain I will not grasp the magnitude of His sacrifice or His power and love until heaven). And, I have a deeper desire to not only spend more time in His Word, but I want to share it with others!! Thankful God doesn't need me but chooses to use me anyway!!

It was a blessing and privilege to share this class with this awesome group of ladies!!And, I've been humbled and inspired by our pastor's tireless obedience to make disciples!


What???  You mean we got a family picture where everyone looks believably happy and relaxed and no one walked away in tears...not even mommy????  Exhale... family is an unbelievable blessing to me!!  It overwhelms me to even think about the love and joy I am allowed to experience!!  Thank you Lord for the blessing of a husband who loves you first and foremost and humbly leads and serves His family.  Thank you for children who teach me daily how to love better and who also keep me on my toes and refine me!!  Thank you for entrusting me with such precious hearts and guide me in showing them how to live for You and love You more each day!

Friday, November 2, 2012


I completed my third half marathon Saturday. I limped through the entire thing with a hurt foot, but I did it. Our church raised over $50,000 for a World Vision water well project in Wenchi, Ethiopia through this race. Knowing how minor and trivial my hurt foot trial was compared with living in poverty with no clean water and all that entails is sobering. Praying for people all over the world who not only live in conditions we wouldn't allow animals to endure in America, but live with it with joy!

My sweet boy!  Oh, how I love his beautiful heart!!

* Madison had a choir concert (actually, it was last week, but I didn't post it). 

* We enjoyed our tradition of dressing as a theme.  Loved the theme this year, Cat in the Hat!!  Aren't they sooooo cute!  I made the costumes (because I'm OCD like that).  Sam's goldfish costume was a men's XL sweatshirt with cupcake liners cut in half hot glued on for scales.  They eyes were made of ping pong balls cut in half.  Max and Abby's blue hair was made with feather boas hot glued to scull caps.  There shirts were just red shirts with Thing 1 and Thing 2 iron ons.  We had a Cat in the Hat hat already, so I pinned some white felt to a black shirt for her "fur belly" and we tied her red sash from choir for her necktie.  So much fun!