Friday, January 25, 2013


This year everyone had the day off on my birthday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  It was a wonderful day!  We finally had time to put together the gingerbread house I bought for Christmas break and I had a wonderful day of being spoiled and left alone to read, read, read!  I was also able to bat my eyes and get my family to snuggle up together and watch the Sound of Music.  It was a perfect birthday with my family!!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Four day weekend began today for the K-crew.  I was honestly grouchy about all of the kids being home without Matt here (just keeping it real).  At the end of Christmas break the kids were at that bickering, whining, complaining stage and I was just so tired from busy season and Christmas.  That formula = no fun!  But, today was a blessing!!  We spent about an hour cleaning/straightening the house (which is the formula for happy mommy) then the kids had lots of fun pretend play.  They laid out clothes and accessories all around the living room, put shopping bags on their arms and had a pretend shopping spree (guess who led that expedition???), then they had a salon where they spiked Max's hair and ended with a tea party.  Actually, guess who led all three of these???  Anyone surprise??   HA!

After the pretend play we hopped in the car and headed for the park.  They played off their energy and we ended with a long walk along the trails.  Seriously beautiful day!!  Then Happy meals, a movie and reading for an hour.  Someone pinch me, I think we had a (mostly) stress free day!  :)

*letting his sisters fix his hair was an act of sacrificial love!!! :)

* buddies

* looked over and saw Abby hanging upside down...I have such adorable little monkies!

* extreme swinging

Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm in hibernation. I have figured out that I go on autopilot full speed ahead during busy season which ends right when the kids get out of school for two weeks of Christmas break. Once they go back, my body goes into hibernation. I have all of these things I neglected over the past 4 months on my to do list, but I can't seem to do much but stare into space. In the past I usually panic and worry that I am burned out on photography and life and having some kind of health issue, but I am learning that I just need to move at a snail's pace for 2-3 weeks and the switch will flip back on and I'll be energized again.! I am soooo bad at that. I usually go until I crash and then feel guilty that I can't get anything done. Working through that!! So, during week 2/52 I didn't pick up my camera...can you believe it? But, I will cheat a little and post a couple pictures that were at the end of week 1. See, I'm getting better at cutting myself some slack...

* Madison's birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory...

* We finally caved and gave the get along shirt a try. They look so traumatized by it...don't they???

Friday, January 4, 2013


ready, set, here we go....52 weeks in the life of the Koceich family 2013 edition! 

This week we had Madison's birthday party.  My sweet girl loves to help others so we designed her party around making a quilt and cards for a widow that goes to our church.  It could not have been a better party.  We blew up 13 balloons and Madison popped the balloons throughout the party to guide us through each activity.  We started with the girls coming over in their pjs and making reindeer pancakes and snowmen donuts served with hot chocolate and juice.  After cleaning up breakfast  we took "before picture" of the girls in their pjs and then began working on Ms. Iva's blanket.  Madison has had this blanket making kit for a long time and we thought it would be the perfect gift for Ms. Iva.  The girls spent a couple of hours tying the felt pieces together and making Ms. Iva homemade cards.  After the blanket was finished Madison opened the gifts from her friends and they enjoyed cake.  Then, the girls spent some time getting dressed up and doing their hair and make-up for the after picture and to look nice for our visit to Ms. Iva.  We, of course, took an after picture of the girls all beautified.  I have to say I learned some hair and make-up, I'm getting old! :)
Then it was time to jump in the car and visit Ms. Iva.  I was so proud of the girls.  They were very respectful and we sat down and chatted with Ms. Iva for a few minutes.  What an incredible lady.  She serves in the toddler area of our children's ministry and has faithfully for years.  She is the only surviving member of her family.  She lives her live with joy and a servant's heart!  I believe she is in her late 90s.  She had just had a birthday on Christmas day.  She asked us what made us chose her and I told her it was the Holy Spirit guiding Madison.  She told us we couldn't imagine what it meant to her.  I believe we were doubly blessed by her!! 

Birthday Questionnaire 2013