Saturday, March 30, 2013


One of these days I really will rent a good zoom lens so I can get some close-up in focus shots...but you get the idea with these. Abby had another meet this past weekend in Allen.  An hour drive there and back and about 3 1/2 hours of sitting...but so worth it!  She loves it and my mommy heart goes pitter patter for each routine she does!!

**  her flexibility never ceases to amaze me!

And, isn't it just like Texas to give us hail a few days before Easter!  And, it was in the 80s just never know what the weather will be from one minute to the next in Texas!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I went to wake Abby up the other day and her beautiful eyelashes and perfectly freckled little nose made me smile!  Love my beautiful, sweet Abby!

OBSESSED!!!  Sam is obsesses with all things Tom and Jerry.  He has probably asked me 100 times this week if he can wear his Tom and Jerry shirt.  I told him he could wear it on Friday and when Friday came you would think he won a lottery!  He quotes the few lines actually spoken on the cartoon "You set my soul on fire" and "touche pussycat".   He also can tell you what scene is coming up next.  He LOVES it!!  I promise he doesn't watch it all day every day!  :)

Friday, March 15, 2013


This was our Spring Break week.  Although we did have some fun, it was more about being productive this week.  On Monday we completed Sam's readoption.  It is a God story, I will blog about soon, that we were able to get a court date so quickly.  We got to the court around 7:40 for our 8:00 court time and were able to go in early and have all of our paperwork signed and certified by 8:06.  It was an awesome morning.  The rest of the week was about getting passports for the youngest three K kids, a new SS card for Sam with a name change (in Ethiopia he was given the name Yacob Matthew Koceich because because they automatically give the kids the adoptive father's first name as a middle name).  We changed his name to Samuel Yacob Koceich officially, and his status was changed from permanent resident to US citizen.  That process wasn't quite as smooth as the court process, but we got it done.  We also sent off for a Texas birth certificate for sweet Sam so he is completely official now!  :)

We did manage a trip to the park with my sweet quad girls and their kiddos.  And Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to Lego Land.  I'm sure that was the highlight of their week! 

I'm grateful for go with the flow kids.  I didn't hear a single complaint that Spring Break wasn't filled with fun, on-the-go experiences this year.  They have grateful hearts for the things we have and get to do and it is so humbling for me to be their mom!
*  the bailiff gave Sam a teddy bear. :)
* we forgot to get our group shot before Jenny left with her girls. 

Friday, March 8, 2013


It's time for some Spring Baseball!  I love watching Max's games!!  The boys are really beginning to learn the skills and show off!  In this first game of the season Max went 2-2, started at pitcher and threw a runner out at first and got an RBI.  This season will be tough because the select league above his level didn't make so those teams are playing in our league.  We've lost our first two games, but I am so proud of the boys for giving it their all the entire games.  We should learn alot this season!!  LOVE BASEBALL!!!

I had a craving for Ethiopian food this week, so I made some Doro Wat (a crock pot version). YUMMY!!!!

We also had fun this week creating a solar system model for Abby's school project. Notice the sun that lights up! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013


This past week we've had a baseball scrimmage, a show choir competition, a gymnastics meet, a junior high church event, two projects due, and a 3rd grade performance (along with all of our normal activities).  Shew...and I thought December was busy!  :)