Sunday, April 28, 2013


I've been busy, busy, busy with work.  That is not a complaint though!!  Grateful for work and love my job!!  So, this week none of these are my images.  :)  Thankful for a sweet client who snapped me in my element!!  What could be a better job than discovering the beautiful personalities of kids and playing in the bluebonnets! 

This little one was PRECIOUS!!  His smile made my heart flutter!!  Loved our time together!! 

Thanks to one of our team dad's for capturing these pictures of Max at the fields.  We only got to play at this awesome baseball park once this season.  Notice the "fans' in the seats!  They are cardboard people...soooo fun!!  I know the kids loved feeling like they were playing in the big leagues!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


We were blessed this past weekend by friends who gave us their trampoline.  The kids are so excited!!  With a tiny back yard and a street that is too busy to ride bikes on (and an overcautious mommy) this is just what they needed to be able to get outdoors and have fun!!  We were also blessed by our friend, Alvar, who helped Matt take it apart at it's first home and put it back together
in our back yard!!  We are so blessed by our community!!!

*  We enjoyed our annual butterfly release.  Grandma sends us the insect lore kit each year.  We get a cup of caterpillars and get to watch them grow, form their caccoons and hatch into these beautiful butterflies. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Another busy, busy weekend.  Starting with Friday night we had home group, two birthday parties (one of which we didn't make it to), a baseball game, a gymnastics meet and Secret Church.  Always an adventure...

* sunny and windy days, and tired mommas don't make for the best pictures...LOL!  But, you get the idea!  It was a fun party!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Busy and fun Easter weekend...

*  Abby put on a concert for us!  We had an invitation and tickets and a nice comfy setting of pillows and blankets to enjoy her talent!!

* We had a blast with family at our church's Easter festival!

* blessed beyond comprehension!!

* sometimes it pays to be the tallest!

* forget the's the stuff inside that makes it all worthwhile!

* Jayce has the most beautiful smile!  He is already a lady killer!

* I think she's happy with her stash

* checking out the bounty!

* gonna be inseparable cousins...I have a feeling!

* a sugar crash in progress!!

* my completely ADORABLE nephews!!

* what's Easter without carrot cake!

*  It's my very own chocolate Easter bunny!!!  :)

* I attempted to snap some Easter portraits, but we were running behind after long Easter naps.  We started these about 10 minutes before sunset and it was DARK!  They don't have the best focus, but I love them!!  What blessings!!!

**  3 Easters ago we had just brought sweet baby Sam home! I couldn't resist a then and now!  :)