Friday, May 31, 2013


Next week is the last week of school and we are pushing through all of the busyness that is the end of the school year!  This week we had a choir banquet, a school play and Abby is currently on her field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium.

* introducing the world's most delicious cookie.  Orange creamsicle cookies.  They are like a shortbread cookie with white chocolate chips and orange essence.  YUM!!!

*  I LOVE when I capture proof of how much they love each other!!!

*  Abby played the role of the teacher in the school play!  She is a natural on the stage and couldn't have been any more giddy at all of the attention!  Watch out world...a star is born!

* We had beautiful princess Stella over for a play date.  Sam got to play at her house too this week!  These two are the most ADORABLE partners in crime EVER!!!

*  It was a great year for the Jobe choir!  The kids enjoyed celebrating at their first ever choir banquet. 

* banquet entertainment!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


This was Sam's last week of school at St. John. He had the wonderful Ms. Meredith, such a blessing!! It was a great year and we have one more to go before he is in big kid school...I don't want to talk about that!

Well...we got a trampoline and with it our first stitches!  I was so careful not to let the kids jump on the trampoline until we got the nets up.  Then I thought, we should probably see if they sell covers for those springs.  Should have followed through on that.  After watching Abby do lots of front flips and back flips I walked into the house and a minute later heard "mommy, mommy, mommy"  Her head was gushing blood and she was very calm and just kept asking me, "Am I okay?" over and over.  One quick look at the gash in her head all the way down to bone and we knew we needed to head to the ER.  Poor Max saw the whole thing and was very traumatized.  Apparently, she had just sat down quickly on the trampoline and when she landed on her bottom it catapulted her forward into the springs.  So thankful Madison was home to watch the littles while we took her.  The hilarious thing is I grabbed my pile of to do lists and Matt grabbed a clean shirt for Abby (knowing how much she likes to look nice).  I bet you can tell from that last sentence who is the giver and who is the taker in our relationship.  I will say I am the calm one though.  Matt drove the wrong way into the drop off entrance of the ER then ran around to the wrong side of the car to get her out.  He was a little panicky.  She was soooo worried about getting a shot (she is terrified of them) but four hours, a mean ole shot and four stitches later we were on our way home.  She was such a trooper!!!  I sure hope we don't have to do that again any time soon!

*worrying about your sweet little girl for four hours and trying to stay calm and make her smile and laugh the whole time can be exhausting!

We also enjoyed field day this week!  Max and Abby both got first in the tortilla toss (only in Texas) and Abby smoked everyone in the 50 yard dash and 100 yard dash.  She told me the PE coach told her she was the fasted girl in the school!  Go Abby Gazelle!  Max was really fast too, but there were a lot of fast boys in his heat too.  His facial expressions when he runs are hilarious!!  I had a fun time zooming in on all of the pictures I took.  I also love how Abby grins from ear to ear the whole time she's running.  She is my joy filled child!!

Say "cheese" :)

Friday, May 17, 2013


This is going to be a doozy of a post...  :)

Last weekend started out with a car wash for Abby's school thrown by the student counsel for Relay for Life.  Abby had LOTS of fun spraying her friends with the water hose while she washed our car and Sam loved seeing Abby spray the window from inside the car.

Then we had a great afternoon with the cousins.  Aunt Megan's kids and our crew get along soooo well and love when they come in from Houston.   They are all great buddies!!

* possibly the happiest baby on the planet

* Sam is really into "shooters" right now.  He is ALL BOY!!!

* these two have a special connection

* who needs stairs...

* when you're too short to make a basket, apparantly you just step on the chair that is 1 foot off of the ground and about 15 feet from the goal...that will help!

* He is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

We ended the day with Max's last game of the season.  They had a rough season because we moved up a division and the division one ahead of that had to come down to our division because they didn't have enough teams to make.  But, I think the boys grew a lot and are just beginning to get to the age where they are starting to want to do well, more than want to be silly.  Well, starting to get there.  :)  We've loved watching Max's batting improve.  Last season he occasionally made a hit, this season he batted .543.  We also noticed this season that he has quite an arm on him.  Now, to get him to control it is the key.  Maybe we have a future pitcher??

* We have THE BEST coach!!  Our boys are blessed to have him!!!

For Mother's Day on Sunday Max was picked to be a door greeter.  They gave him a boutonniere and he greeted and handed out bulletins.  He also got to help pass out the Mother's Day charms to the moms.  Super, super cute!!!! 

Also, at church that morning we lost Sam for a couple of minutes.  We frantically rounded the corner where we noticed the bathroom door open and this scene.  Notice the tie...I guess when it's urgent the tie has to go!

I can't even comprehend my blessings!!  Being a wife to Matt and a mom to these four is my greatest joy!

After church we got a brisket going in the crock pot and the kids worked together to make some Key Lime parfaits.  YUM!!!

We ate outside (it was a perfect night) and my sweet family made me these origami butterflies and flower.  It says We Love and the big butterfly is me.  Then the four small butterflies represent each of the kids! 

* I promise I did not eat that entire baked potato! :)

* Matt and the kids gave me the sweetest, most heart-felt cards.  They are precious to me!!

* Abby even put on a little concert for us after dinner!

This week was Madison's awards ceremony.  I had gotten an email letting me know that Madison was getting a Science award so Nani, Sam and I made sure to be there to see that.  Little did we know she would receive four awards.  She made all A honor roll for the entire year, she got Top of her class in Science.  She was one of the top 20 students in the 8th grade which was a top 20 Scholar award, and she also received a Principal's award.  Those kids were hand picked by the principal for a character award.  I am so proud of my girl and the light she is shining in her school!!!

This week we also had a follow up visit for Max at the allergist, so I had a change to have a quick donut date with my boys.  The Dr. told us Max could come off of the inhaler!!  YAY!!!  So, probably one more month of flonase and one more year of shots!!  Soooo blessed to have his allergies and asthma under control!!!!

* This adorable little guy is obsessed with puzzles lately!!  It's fun to watch him reason where the pieces might fit!