Friday, February 4, 2011


Get ready for picture overload...with school canceled for a record-breaking four days in a row, fun was had by the Koceich family...

* all boy...enamored by trains, cars, space etc., etc., etc.

* right-brained Abby

* verses left-brained Madison

* they sure missed their Daddy while he was on the men's retreat!

* the chore chart is making a come back. This time it's three pages long with morning, afternoon and evening chores.

* did you know bubbles work really well in the cold, dry weather?

* ahhhhhhhhhhhh...our first fire in several years!!!

* one of my favorite shots ever!!

* finally had the time to make those gingerbread cookie pops!

* my three little bakers

* now that's talent!

* my angels making snow angels!

* think this one is a bit excited about the snow!!

* and this one is a bit unsure about it!


* warms this momma's heart!

* snowball fight!

* sweetness

* can you see the halo?

* what a joy!

* and counting!

1 comment:

  1. Woh! Two inches of snow! I wish I had that out here in OR! Those were some awesome family pictures. We did the chore list things for years too. Chore list during the week, then saturday as an extra chore day. Sure kept me busy!