Friday, August 31, 2012


This week Madison started 8th grade (gasp), Abby started 3rd and Max started 2nd. They all loved their first week of school and I am grateful!! Sam starts his three-year-old class on Tuesday. He'll be going Monday-Thursday and getting much needed social interaction and play, while mommy gets much needed work done.

We are reading the Jesus Storybook Bible at breakfast each morning and it has been the best way to start our day together!! I highly recommend this children's bible!! It points every story in the bible to Jesus! I love our discussions and seeing the kids begin to understand why God sent Jesus. They are learning that, because we are human and sinful, we tend to walk away from truth and live in a self-centered way, which only leads to emptiness. So, God sent His son to die for our sins so that when we trust Him and His death on the cross He sends us the Holy Spirit (which is God Himself) to live in us. And, the Holy Spirit helps us walk in Truth and gives us a true joy in spite of our circumstances. It is a gift like none other to see God's Word begin taking root in the hearts of my children!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


School starts Monday.  How can this be???  It is so true that time goes faster each year!! 
We moved Sam to a big boy bed and took away his paci all in one fell swoop...and he handled it like a champ.  He has a little trouble with nap time about every other day, but usually it just takes a few reminders to lie his head down on the giraffe pillow and be still and  he's out.  He is still a fabulous sleeper!  He still asks to go to bed sometimes and readily admits that he's tired!  He needs lots of sleep like his momma!

We also celebrated Matt's birthday this past week with a family dinner at OTB. 
We are so blessed to have such an awesome Daddy and husband!  We love you, honey!!

* looks like Sam had a bit too much ice cream!! :)

* Abby made a sign to hang on the car for Daddy for his birthday! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


The jet lag fog is beginning to clear!  I am definitely a sissy when it comes to jet lag!  I get worn down easily and it's not easy for me to catch up.  But, after about 10 nights of 10 hours of sleep, I think I beginning to feel more like myself! 

This week we went to dinner for Max and Nani's birthday, went to Hawaiian Falls (no pics of that), went bowling, went to Waco to visit Granddaddy and went swimming at sweet Tasha's house. I forgot my camera for all events, except the swimming. That is how I know my head is beginning to clear. I remembered my camera for the last event. :) Iphone pictures will have to do!

I LOVE his determination when he bowls!!

*  We LOVE Granddaddy!

*  Happy Birthday Nani and Max

*  best buds...

*  Beautiful Stella

Friday, August 10, 2012


We returned from Ethiopia on Tuesday and spent the week in a fog of jet lag!  I gave my testimony at Ladies Night at Pantego on Thursday, but is a bit of a blur too.  I was SOOOO nervous!!!
We went to a birthday party on Saturday, but I forgot my camera.  But, here are some iphone pictures...the best I can do.

**  Paw Paw took this picture of Max at horse camp the first week we were in Ethiopia.

*  We had Sam's hair twisted while we were gone so sweet Mimi, Mamaw, Grandma and Nani wouldn't have to worry about all of the upkeep involved with his awesome hair.  Matt and I spent an hour taking the twists out. fun!

*  Our sweet kiddos did a good job keeping themselves entertained while mommy and daddy were walking around in our jet lag fog! :) 

Friday, August 3, 2012


Matt and I left for Ethiopia on Sunday, July 29th, and returned on Tuesday, August 7th.  So this week all I have are pictures from Ethiopia.  Here are a few...many more will be posted on our Koceich Ethiopia page and FB.  It was an amazing trip!