Friday, February 22, 2013


A Women's Retreat and Some Randomness...

This past weekend I attended the PBC Women's Retreat.  Our speaker was Debbie Stuart.  She was fabulous.  Her heart is sold out for the LORD!  I felt like it was such a Spirit-led weekend.  She was speaking the truth, not just feel good, let's talk about ourselves stuff.  It was a great time of refocusing my eyes on the LORD and not being afraid to walk in His plan for my life!! Great stuff!

* Worship!

* my sweet Jenny being announced as the new Women's Ministry Leader!  :)

* SOOOOO blessed by these ladies (my cabin mates) (missing April and Wendy who had to go home early)

* just, WOW!!

* who knew Glenrose was so close to Hollywood...LOL

* random frog magnets on top of my refrigerator...I LOVE them! 

* typical scene after school

* boys are soooooo different than girls!!!  his masterpiece

* my sweet little puppy

Friday, February 15, 2013


Valentine's Day...and so much love to be thankful for!!

* Heart-shaped toast and oatmeal for breakfast

* an after school treat in their Valentine's Day mailboxes

* a reminder of why we can love

* words of affirmation for each other

* Zoppa Toscano (yum!!!)

* mommy's lame attempt at being creative! :)

* a traditional candlelight dinner

Friday, February 8, 2013


I was able to get in an impromptu photos session with my crew.  Didn't take time to coordinate their clothes or worry much about hair etc. and I LOVE how they turned out!  They are God's greatest blessings in my life!!!

I was soooo proud of my sweet Abby Claire this morning.  She wrote a paper about the happiest day of her life.  She wrote about us bringing Sam home from Ethiopia.  It was beautiful and heartfelt and made me teary!!  She was chosen to read her paper in front of the entire school in their house assembly this morning!  She was advocating for adoption without even knowing it and telling a beautiful picture of love and redemption!  So, so proud!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013


What a great week!  The grandparents gifted our family with a night's stay at the Great Wolf Lodge!  We headed that way after church on Sunday and stayed until about 4 on Monday.  It was time packed with great memories! 
Sam stayed with Paw Paw and Mamaw because he's not quite big enough to go and go and go.  We would have had melt down after melt down. 
GWL has a fabulous indoor water park where we spent a few hours each day.  We also embarked on their adventure game called Magi Quest.  We bought wands and searched all over the hotel for treasure, crystals etc. to complete each adventure.  After you have completed the quests you have an opportunity to slay the dragon.  After about 4 hours of completing the adventures each of the kids slayed the dragon!!  So much fun!!!  It was a short and sweet "vacation", but so much fun!!!