Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Guess who won the ugly Christmas sweater contest...oh, yay!! :)
We celebrated sweet Jayce's birthday at Alley family time!
* We also got to go Christmas caroling with some great much fun!! (the warm up)
* the kids learning how to play a song on chimes...they LOVED it!
* and we can't leave out Jingle and his antics for the week. He loves sleeping under the lights of the Christmas tree. I don't blame him!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Snow/Ice Day #2 (or we like to call it) was even more fun!!

* sledding on our neighbor's driveway

* that last leaf...hanging on 'til the end ** The icicles and icicle lights made a beautiful pairing! :)

** And a couple of Jingles antics this week...

* he rounded up a couple of the other toys for a sack race...looks like Rudolf is in the lead

* we warned him not to lick the window when it was in the 20s outside...sometimes you just have learn things the hard way!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Jingle is already up to his antics.  He took one of the decorate sleighs for a ride around the living room with Max's lightening McQueen cars at the reigns.  Tire marks everywhere...

** Then the next day he got in a snowball (marshmallow) fight with the Ninjago dragon guy.  Silly Jingle!

**  Max got to be Bill Gates for the 3rd grade Wax Museum...he did a fabulous job!!  Hope this is a predictor of his future income. :)

** Sam had his Christmas program at St. John.  I think this is the first year he actually sang and didn't cry...progress!!

** Sam is the 2nd Koceich who was blessed to Have Ms. Joan.  We love our Ms. Joan!

**  That night Icemaggedon hit the metroplex!!  I LOVE snow (er, ice) days!!!  So much fun to have an excuse to just hang out and play with my crew!  No to do list, no place to go...just fun!!!

** I love how easily amused my crew is!!  Making memories!!

*  gotta love the plastic glove on Sam's hands.  Hey, you do what you gotta do to keep your hands dry!

* Madison's Olaf the snowman!