Saturday, May 21, 2011


The Mommy Game...

I was blessed with the most precious mother's day ever!!! When I came home from a shoot on the Saturday before the mommy game, my precious family was giddy with excitement to show me my Mother's Day gifts. They had taken dress up clothes to write the words We "heart" You. Then, with lots of help from Daddy, the created "The Mommy Game". They took 6 bins and labeled them 1-5. They then put those letters on six separate pieces of paper inside a lunch sack. I would draw a letter out of the sack and pick a number and then go and lift that bin to find a card from some one of the kids or Matt. Each card was elaborately decorated and contained a clue telling me where I could find a gift. So thoughtful and sweet and the best part was seeing their joy in blessing me. I am one humbled and grateful mommy!!!

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