Friday, August 19, 2011


This was our last week of summer at Koceich Casa. We have lots of mixed emotions about that!

birthday twins...Nani and Max share August 11th for a birthday. We celebrated a few days later at "Maxaroni" grill! :)

My best friend's mom is a 4th grandmother to my kids. She is an awesome Mimi and we love her so much!!!

My best friend's kiddos. Our kids were already in their pjs when we stopped by to visit before I got to steal away my best friend all to myself for dinner!

One of our favorite summer treats was frozen yogurt! Yummmmmmmm!!!

Homemade chicken fingers...I love to cook and probably was craving a little comfort food on our last week of summer!

Made these delicious appetizers for Bunko night! Let the good times roll...get it???

Seeing my kids enjoying each other is heart melting!

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