Friday, December 2, 2011


Guess Who's Back?

Jingle made his way back to the Koceich house the day after Thanksgiving. Since he's been back he's been up to some mischeviousness and sweetness! He has a very well-rounded personality! We love our little elf friend!

* He wanted to make sure, right off the bat, that we kept our focus on the true meaning of Christmas! He suggested we complete family advent devotions each night until Christmas! It has been wonderful keeping our hearts focused on Jesus our Savior!

* He also likes to keep the other Christmas stuffed animals entertained! He loves reading them Christmas stories!

* He also had the kids make their yearly paper countdown chains...I think secretly he just wanted some swinging vines for his nightly mischief!

* All in all I think Jingle has found it pretty comfortable spending his December with the Koceich family! I'm thinkin' we might need to start sleeping with one eye open though...he has that mischevious grin goin' on!

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