Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 of 52...

I so love looking back the 52 weeks of 2011 so I am very excited to embark on another year of 52 weeks in the life of the Koceich family!! Sometimes I can't even comprehend my blessings!! Here we go...

* enjoyed a family birthday dinner for 12-year-old Madison! Love my precious angel!!

* Abby, all on her own, lead a family bible study at dinner. She talked to us about how the donkey carried the Messiah on his back and how, even today, donkey's have the sign of the cross on their back. Best bible study I have ever attended! :)

* got a little help from a beautiful brown-eyed boy doing laundry

* enjoyed celebrating Ethiopia Christmas with some crock pot Doro Wot and injera! Although I will cut the spice in half, I'm glad to say my family met their water drinking quota that day and then some! :)

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