Friday, February 17, 2012


Valentine's Day, sunscreen and Sojourner Truth...

* we began our Valentine's Day with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and pink milk

...and ended the evening with a dinner by candle light

* mommy mistook some sunscreen for lotion. I was wondering why I could get so little out of the pop open cap so I took it off and squirted a giant mound in my hand. I kept thinking, "wow, this is thick lotion" and wondered why it wasn't rubbing in. I blame all of this on the fact that it was morning and I don't function in the morning. Matt was at Corp so I had all morning duties (that he usually does because everyone in the family would rather leave grouchy mommy alone).
It did give us all a good laugh though!

* so proud of my precious girl. She was Sojourner Truth for Black History Month. She was chosen by her teacher to repeat her speech on the video announcements at school on Tuesday!! :)

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