Friday, April 13, 2012


Easter Weekend was full and fun. I had a session in the morning and then we high-tailed it to our church's Easter festival. The fun included free food, bounces houses, egg hunts, magic tricks and farm animals. It would have been much more enjoyable if a certain ketchup-faced, brown-eyed, chocolate skinned, adorably feisty two-year-old hadn't decided going an hour past his nap time was license to throw the biggest screaming tantrum of his 2 1/2 years. oi! Once we got home and recovered for a bit, I was back out the door for three more sessions (the bluebonnets are in full bloom)

Our Easter service on Sunday was amazing and after we enjoyed our traditional family breakfast burrito brunch it was time for the egg hunt. It was too quiet because my sister, her husband, my niece and her family and my nephew weren't there this year. Can't let that happen two years in a row! Sam missed the outdoor hunt because, in keeping with tradition, he decided to throw another exhaustion induced tantrum and ended up down for nap before eating or hunting eggs. But, have no fear, the kids all took some of their eggs and hid them in the house for a Sam only Easter egg hunt after everyone had a good long crash after their sugar highs wore off.

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