Friday, February 22, 2013


A Women's Retreat and Some Randomness...

This past weekend I attended the PBC Women's Retreat.  Our speaker was Debbie Stuart.  She was fabulous.  Her heart is sold out for the LORD!  I felt like it was such a Spirit-led weekend.  She was speaking the truth, not just feel good, let's talk about ourselves stuff.  It was a great time of refocusing my eyes on the LORD and not being afraid to walk in His plan for my life!! Great stuff!

* Worship!

* my sweet Jenny being announced as the new Women's Ministry Leader!  :)

* SOOOOO blessed by these ladies (my cabin mates) (missing April and Wendy who had to go home early)

* just, WOW!!

* who knew Glenrose was so close to Hollywood...LOL

* random frog magnets on top of my refrigerator...I LOVE them! 

* typical scene after school

* boys are soooooo different than girls!!!  his masterpiece

* my sweet little puppy

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