Friday, March 8, 2013


It's time for some Spring Baseball!  I love watching Max's games!!  The boys are really beginning to learn the skills and show off!  In this first game of the season Max went 2-2, started at pitcher and threw a runner out at first and got an RBI.  This season will be tough because the select league above his level didn't make so those teams are playing in our league.  We've lost our first two games, but I am so proud of the boys for giving it their all the entire games.  We should learn alot this season!!  LOVE BASEBALL!!!

I had a craving for Ethiopian food this week, so I made some Doro Wat (a crock pot version). YUMMY!!!!

We also had fun this week creating a solar system model for Abby's school project. Notice the sun that lights up! :)

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