Friday, January 6, 2017


HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY to our amazing Madison!!
This birthday is your last birthday under our wings and, although we'd like to keep you there forever, we know you are ready to soar!
Here are 17 of the MANY things I treasure about you...
1. You are kind. You have a sincere heart toward people. You do not make rash judgments, but instead seek to understand and find the good in everyone.
2. You are happy. You have a peace-filled heart that is contagious!
 3. You are secure. You don't try to fit the mold of popular or cool but instead you are so comfortable and content with all God made you to be.
4. You are strong in your faith. You hold steadfastly to the Truth of God and walk daily in obedience to Him.
5. You are funny. You love to laugh and make others laugh with you. I LOVE your humor!
6. You are smart. God has gifted you with an amazing mind! I can't wait to see all He will do through your life.
7. You are comforting. Because of many of the attributes I listed above (and many more) it is steadying to be around you.
 8. You are beautiful. You are stunning because God made you that way, but even more so because your inner beauty shines so brightly in your demeanor.
9. You are an amazing friend. You are a safe person who takes care of hearts entrusted to you.
10. You are determined. I love to watch your determination in swim to improve your times and push yourself.
11. You are strong. I LOVE that you work hard on dry land work outs. You don't slack and take the light weights or the easy workout. You push yourself and you embrace your strength.
12. You are sensitive to the needs of others. You quietly watch people and seek to encourage anyone in our family or in your circle of friends who needs encouragement.
13. You don't hold grudges. You don't take the irrational behavior of others personally, even when it's directed at you. You are so secure in who you are and understanding of what others endure that you roll with the punches.
14. You are humble. This is one of your richest attributes. You do not consider yourself better than others, but instead serve and seek to lift others up around you.
15. You appreciate the arts. You love choir, museums and culture. You truly notice God's beauty in the world around you.
16. You are brave. When something is a challenge to you, you push through. You allow yourself to process the fear but you don't let it stop you from accomplishing the tasks ahead.
17. You are mine. I can't even grasp how much God must love me to allow me to be your mom. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have blessed my life. I love you more than words can describe and I am grateful for each day with you!!! I am ALWAYS in your corner and praying for you. I am excited to see the adventures God has for your life and for eternal impact He is making through you each day!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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