Saturday, June 9, 2012


We are starting summer at breakneck speeds!  Abby left on Saturday on her first plane ride.  Nani took her to Disney World this week and she had a blast!  Madison left on Monday for kid's camp.  She made her own super hero costume for a camp event.  She is Book Wizard.  She also had a blaster (water gun) concealed inside a book that she used to blast forms of brain-killing media such as nintendos, tvs etc.  Lots of fun.  Matt began summer school this week so I got to enjoy time with just my boys.  I bribed talked them into a mini photo session.  Funny how I went inside feeling defeated and exhausted and had no idea there were actually a few good ones in there.  Now I know how my clients feel...LOL!
Finally, we started potty training Sam this week.  He is a CHAMP!!  I just took off his diaper for a little naked potty training and put the potty in the living room.  I played the Elmo Potty video a couple of times and gave him lots of water.  He pottied in the potty several times on his own (earning a jelly bean each time...and two for a full tank when I figured out he was giving me a couple drops at a time to earn more jelly beans...he is a SMART one).  He didn't have one single accident on the floor.  I'm not ready for big boy underwear in public, but we are off to a fantastic start!

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