Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We enjoyed a birthday party for a one of Sam's very first friends Bear.  Sam and Bear were in the orphanage together  in Africa...love how God has them living so close!!  We love this family and had a great time!!

Abby left for Disney World a little girl and came home a princess!  She slept in her beautiful hair and makeup and wore the dress home the next day on the plane!!  PRECIOUS!!  I LOVE the picture of her reunion with Sam.  It is blurry, blurry, but the look on both of their faces says it all!  She got her brother a rubber snake from Disney World.  I think it's the favorite things he's ever received.  Mommy on the other hand has a rule that the snake stays in a particular drawer that I never open, under a sheet and only comes out with permission.  And, if I'm ever scared with it...it's a goner!  Gives me the creeps! 

The Koceich crew is planting a flower bed. I remember when we moved in thinking how beautiful our landscaping was going to look. This is the first house we've owned and I had high hopes. Well, four kids and my own business later we can barely keep up with mowing the lawn. I have been recently re inspired though. I figure my kids are now old enough for manual labor and I have my very first yard crew. We are slow going and I realize it's a little late to be planting flowers, but here we go...say a prayer! :)

** summer fun with friends at the park

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