Friday, August 10, 2012


We returned from Ethiopia on Tuesday and spent the week in a fog of jet lag!  I gave my testimony at Ladies Night at Pantego on Thursday, but is a bit of a blur too.  I was SOOOO nervous!!!
We went to a birthday party on Saturday, but I forgot my camera.  But, here are some iphone pictures...the best I can do.

**  Paw Paw took this picture of Max at horse camp the first week we were in Ethiopia.

*  We had Sam's hair twisted while we were gone so sweet Mimi, Mamaw, Grandma and Nani wouldn't have to worry about all of the upkeep involved with his awesome hair.  Matt and I spent an hour taking the twists out. fun!

*  Our sweet kiddos did a good job keeping themselves entertained while mommy and daddy were walking around in our jet lag fog! :) 

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