Friday, August 17, 2012


The jet lag fog is beginning to clear!  I am definitely a sissy when it comes to jet lag!  I get worn down easily and it's not easy for me to catch up.  But, after about 10 nights of 10 hours of sleep, I think I beginning to feel more like myself! 

This week we went to dinner for Max and Nani's birthday, went to Hawaiian Falls (no pics of that), went bowling, went to Waco to visit Granddaddy and went swimming at sweet Tasha's house. I forgot my camera for all events, except the swimming. That is how I know my head is beginning to clear. I remembered my camera for the last event. :) Iphone pictures will have to do!

I LOVE his determination when he bowls!!

*  We LOVE Granddaddy!

*  Happy Birthday Nani and Max

*  best buds...

*  Beautiful Stella

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