Friday, September 7, 2012


This week's was Sam's turn for a first day of school. Actually, in the craziness of getting the other three in a good morning routine, Mommy forgot to take his first day picture until day 3...but, shhhh, don't tell anyone. :) And, excuse the hair...we hadn't done the torturous morning hair routine yet. I thought smiles for the pictures would be much better than tears.

Sam is going to St. John 4 days a week this year. I love my little guy, but he is a mover and a shaker and very social, and spending the day at home with just mommy who works from home is no fun!! So, Fridays are his day at home and our fun day together. I think it will be a win win!

I needed to check out the light at a location so this past location I drug the crew to be my light testing subjects. They were somewhat cooperative, but by the time we got there the light wasn't so great. I always love having the opportunity to capture my kids. They are growing too fast!

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