Friday, September 21, 2012


Lots to share from this past week.

We celebrated Abby's 9th birthday with a Dr. Suess themed party! It was a blast!!

**  Daddy loves to draw the characters for the birthday parties!

*  Watching a short version of Horton Hears a Who...

* Strawberries and Marshmallows on a stick to represent the Cat's hat

* deviled eggs died green for green eggs and ham

* the favorite game of the party was marshmallow mumble.  In the Lorax the teddy bears love marshmallows, so I thought it would be fun to have each girl put a giant marshmallow in their mouth and say a phrase from "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" and the other girls would guess what they were saying.  It was pretty funny!

*  We also played a balancing game inspired from the Cat in the Hat where the Cat balances things as a game and they crash down to make a big mess

* The cakes were much cuter in my mind.  They are Red Velvet Nothing Bundt Cakes. bit I imagined less icing so you could see the red.  I also made the thing 1 & 2 signs too big and the cotton candy wasn't so fluffy...but it was a fun idea! :)

*  I loved the birthday timeline.  I hope to do this every year with my kids on their birthday!  Soooo fun seeing them as they grow over the years.

We also celebrated Abby's birthday with a family birthday dinner at Babe's.  I certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a couple cousins pictures.  Love all of the colors of skin in these photos!!!

* my loves attention not a bit shy Abby loved standing on a chair and acting like a chicken for her birthday!!  Isn't she soooo cute!!!

*  God blessed us this week with an amazing double rainbow!!  You could see the whole arc but I didn't have a wide angle lens on the camera.  It was amazing!!!
love these two goofballs


*  We are loving our baseball season!!  Max has a wonderful coach who really cares about the kids and invests in them.  He keeps them loving the game but also learning skills!! 

* I captured Max's first hit of the season.  I have a new camera and I haven't found the continuous focus yet, so it's a blur.  But, I love the sun flare and sooo excited to have captured the moment!

* Max got the game ball!!! :)

*  "Whatchootalkinbout"  - oh, come one, you know you thought it too!! :)

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