Friday, October 5, 2012


Except for the $8 hot dogs, of which we did not partake, Mansfield's Big League Dreams fields are awesome!!! The boys (and fans) had a major league experience at a game this week. We only get to play one game on these fields this season, but it was lots of fun. Even more exciting that we won and are still in 1st place!! Sooo fun to watch those little Angels play!!! I also had the privilege of taking the team pictures. Those boys are sooo funny!! They kept me giggling!!

* warming up "on deck"

* heading home

* do you see the ball.  This was his hit!

* our awesome coach sending his guys out on the field

* wow...fancy dugout!

* hmmmm, I wonder whose child that is photo bombing the team picture. Yea...this is the best shot of him out of about 40 shots I took of the team!!!

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  1. Great pictures!!! The kids were so excited about the water that was in the dugout!

    Thanks again for taking the pictures!