Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm in hibernation. I have figured out that I go on autopilot full speed ahead during busy season which ends right when the kids get out of school for two weeks of Christmas break. Once they go back, my body goes into hibernation. I have all of these things I neglected over the past 4 months on my to do list, but I can't seem to do much but stare into space. In the past I usually panic and worry that I am burned out on photography and life and having some kind of health issue, but I am learning that I just need to move at a snail's pace for 2-3 weeks and the switch will flip back on and I'll be energized again.! I am soooo bad at that. I usually go until I crash and then feel guilty that I can't get anything done. Working through that!! So, during week 2/52 I didn't pick up my camera...can you believe it? But, I will cheat a little and post a couple pictures that were at the end of week 1. See, I'm getting better at cutting myself some slack...

* Madison's birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory...

* We finally caved and gave the get along shirt a try. They look so traumatized by it...don't they???

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