Friday, January 18, 2013


Four day weekend began today for the K-crew.  I was honestly grouchy about all of the kids being home without Matt here (just keeping it real).  At the end of Christmas break the kids were at that bickering, whining, complaining stage and I was just so tired from busy season and Christmas.  That formula = no fun!  But, today was a blessing!!  We spent about an hour cleaning/straightening the house (which is the formula for happy mommy) then the kids had lots of fun pretend play.  They laid out clothes and accessories all around the living room, put shopping bags on their arms and had a pretend shopping spree (guess who led that expedition???), then they had a salon where they spiked Max's hair and ended with a tea party.  Actually, guess who led all three of these???  Anyone surprise??   HA!

After the pretend play we hopped in the car and headed for the park.  They played off their energy and we ended with a long walk along the trails.  Seriously beautiful day!!  Then Happy meals, a movie and reading for an hour.  Someone pinch me, I think we had a (mostly) stress free day!  :)

*letting his sisters fix his hair was an act of sacrificial love!!! :)

* buddies

* looked over and saw Abby hanging upside down...I have such adorable little monkies!

* extreme swinging

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