Friday, February 21, 2014


My camera and I have made up and are getting reacquainted.  A few more pictures this week.
Although my creativity seems to be wanting to break up with me now.  HA!  I guess these things happen in cycles!

* This is a group of 4th grade girls that I have the privilege of leading in small group time a couple times a month at church! It makes me miss teaching! Love them!
* love these people!
* Oh my sweet-hearted Max. Madison was babysitting and Max disobeyed or said something ugly (I can't remember) so she did what I told her and took away his dessert. We've been working on saying things we're thankful for when we are grouchy, angry or sad. So awesome to see that he is realizing that really does put things into perspective! Love his precious heart!
* Madison swam in her first ever district meet. She did so good! She didn't move on to regionals, but I am so proud of her effort. She was second in her heat for the 200IM, but it was the first heat so other heats were faster. She did get to swim in the fastest heat for 100 breast stroke (her best stroke). She was the slowest in that heat, but just being in that heat as a freshman was great!!! Matt even made her an award because she was the fastest freshman break stroker in the district. Go Madison!!
* just look at those guns!!!

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