Thursday, February 27, 2014


This week I had the blessing of helping to organize a group of women from our church to participate in a simulcast called the IF:Gathering. It is a women's vision conference and it was truly an amazing time of being encouraged to walk together with obedient hearts wherever God leads...daily!! Such an amazing time and amazing group of women!!
And this was Valentine's Day week.
* Grandma and Grandpa sent us this dangerous box of chocolates...VERY DANGEROUS!!
* I am so, so proud of Max. He did this solar system project completely on his own!! I am amazed at that kids love for learning about things and retention of facts!! He made some of the planets out of legos...he's 8, of course he did!!!
* my love knows the way to my heart on Valentine's Day
* Max created a cobra Valentine's Day box. I love the body made out of hearts!!
* I can't tell you how much I adore our Valentine's Day candlelight dinner. We write love notes to each other and put them in our mailboxes and read them at dinner. This year we added the pink milk in the milk bottle with fun straws!! Oh, how I love my family!!

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