Saturday, March 15, 2014



We've had a fun week.  Madison got to go to San Antonio with our church Jr. High to serve at Urban Connection from Saturday - Wednesday.  She had such a fun time and it makes my heart happy that serving is her joy!!
Here are a few of the fun things I remembered to pick up my camera for.  We also went to the Lego movie and splurged for a couple meals out and landed at the park twice!  I've learned it's most important to get this crew out of the house as much as possible!

* Coldstone...YUM!

* I made Doro Wat this week (a spicy and delicious traditional Ethiopian dish). SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

*  We went to the local Jr. High track so mommy and Daddy could get a couple runs in while the kids played on the bleachers and in the field.  I must say, it's great to run with a cheer squad!!

* We visted Krispy Kreme to get our free donuts with A's on the report card...but they don't do that anymore!  We were bummed, but how can you walk into Krispy Kreme and walk out with no donuts...we treated the kids proud of their hard work!!!

* peek-a-boo

* we had THE BEST TIME hanging out with our friends the Boyds and Burks.  I am truly amazed at the blessing of life-long friends God has blessed our family with!!  We have several tried and true friends who spur us on, inspire and encourage us!!  

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