Monday, March 24, 2014


This week begins Spring Baseball season!  I sooooo love to watch my sweet #33 play!!  Go Angels!

* nice reach buddy!!!   Almost!!

 This week we also got started on our vaccines for Ethiopia. This week we did round one of our pre-exposure rabies vaccines. We'll have three rounds (fun times). Sweet Abby is petrified of shots, but she was so very brave. After the shots Matt and Max headed to baseball practice and the rest of the kids and I picked up some Chicken Express and headed to a new local nature park and had a picnic and walked the nature trail!! It was a beautiful evening and, besides a few little napless Sam breakdowns, lots of fun! Poor Madison ended up reacting to the vaccine and had a high fever and nausea all day the next day. We're praying that doesn't happen again when we get round two this next week! * oh my, I could eat him with a spoon!

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