Friday, January 8, 2016

2016...1 of 52

Sweet 16!  Fits her perfectly!!

My FB post about my precious girl!
And, of course, the yearly birthday questionnaire.  I wonder if they will still fill these out for me when they are in their 20s and beyond???

Sweet sixteen. How can it be? You have carried yourself so beautifully through the first sixteen years, I have no doubt all the years to come will be inspiring and filled with purpose! I am your biggest fan and so indescribably grateful for you!!
16 (of the innumerable) things I love about you...
1. Your grace...You show such grace in how you interact with others and you have a sweet way of loving/including everyone with a genuine heart.
2. Your humility...You are quick to sacrifice for the benefit of others with a quiet and content spirit.
3. Your contentment...You don't seek things or applause for your worth. You live simply and securely in your identity in Christ.
4. Your introspection...I love to watch you think through your own personality and how God made you unique and with a purpose. You are happy being you!!
5. Your happiness...This one goes with contentment but takes it further. Not only are you content, but truly happy with the life God has given you. You choose happiness even in tougher situations and can always manage a smile.
6. Your kindness...I have watched you respond in kindness in situations where most would not. It is your default.
7. Your pure heart...I love that you unashamedly love things like cute puppies, Olaf and Tim Hawkins. You have no desire to “be cool”. You choose to live in the light of Truth.
8. Your are soft spoken and never harsh. You are a safe friend to anyone who needs a friend and trustworthy.
9. Your intelligence...You are a smart cookie and a thinker. But, you don't see yourself as superior.
10. Your silliness...You LOVE to laugh and be silly and keep us smiling.
11. Your example...You are such an amazing oldest sister. You lead by example and kindness and, as a result, have siblings that truly look up to you (even if they won't admit it some times).
12. Your beauty...You are beautiful inside and out and you radiant the beauty of Christ.
13. Your adaptability...You are so easy going that you can adapt to any situation (even being lost in the wilderness of Africa) with a smile.
14. Your adventurous spirit...You have such an adventurous spirit. You are ready to see the world and because of your ability to adapt (see #13) to just about any environment/situation, I have no doubt you will have many adventures!!
15. Your strength...Just recently I have really seen this blossom in you. You have set boundaries and will stand up for what you believe in with confidence.
16. Your sincerity...You truly love people from all backgrounds, personalities, experiences. You have a sincere heart that truly desires good for others.
I love you soooo much, my sweet Madison!!!

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