Friday, January 8, 2016


Happy 7th Birthday, Samuel Yacob Koceich!! It is such a blessing to be your Mommy!! Here are 7 of the many reasons I adore you!!
1. You keep our family in giggles with your constant silliness.
2. You have a tender, loving heart that sees the best in others.
3. You give the best cuddles.
4. You have unstoppable energy and never just simply walk from one place to the other...there are always cute little Sam hops in your steps.
5. You have a "glass is half full" attitude and are ready to take on the world.
6. You are completely enamored by your siblings and watching their absolute adoration and love for you gives me tummy flutters!!
7. You have taught me about God's redemptive love in deeper, more tangible ways than I could have ever known before.

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