Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Happy 11th Birthday to my dimple-cheeked and freckle-kissed precious Max. Eleven of the many things I LOVE about you...
1. You always have a twinkle in your eye. You see the glass as half full and you love people. You have never met a stranger and can make anyone feel at ease in a conversation.
2. You are extremely tender-hearted and affectionate. Your biggest frustration in life is that Sam is shying away from your hugs You try every trick you can think of to get him to give you hugs! Not to worry...I will take them all!!
3. You love random information. Your favorite books are fact books and you love to share these random facts as they pop into your mind.
4. You have a compassionate heart for the lost. You feel a deep sense of sadness for those who don't know Christ and are determined to share the Good News. You especially want to find a way to share with people who have never heard the name of Jesus.
5. You are joyful. I constantly see that dimple and know there is a smile behind it. Life is fun and adventurous to you.
6. You are quick to forgive. You don't hold other's offenses against them. Even after the worst of offenses from siblings against you, you work hard to mend the relationship and keep the friendship in tact.
7. You truly see value in all people. You are a friend to all and see people equally.
8. You are creative. You love to sketch and paint and you see the world through a creative eye.
9. You are an incredible brother. You adore your siblings and you are very intentional in finding ways to connect personally to each of them.
10. You are a gentleman. You often hurry to beat me to the car so you can open my door. You feel so happy when you think of something you can do to care for me. You are a night in shining armor.
11. You love the LORD and you shine your light brightly for Him. I know the plans He has for you are adventurous and full of love for humanity. I can't wait to see them unfold!!
I LOVE you!!!
<3 Mommy

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