Friday, November 2, 2012


I completed my third half marathon Saturday. I limped through the entire thing with a hurt foot, but I did it. Our church raised over $50,000 for a World Vision water well project in Wenchi, Ethiopia through this race. Knowing how minor and trivial my hurt foot trial was compared with living in poverty with no clean water and all that entails is sobering. Praying for people all over the world who not only live in conditions we wouldn't allow animals to endure in America, but live with it with joy!

My sweet boy!  Oh, how I love his beautiful heart!!

* Madison had a choir concert (actually, it was last week, but I didn't post it). 

* We enjoyed our tradition of dressing as a theme.  Loved the theme this year, Cat in the Hat!!  Aren't they sooooo cute!  I made the costumes (because I'm OCD like that).  Sam's goldfish costume was a men's XL sweatshirt with cupcake liners cut in half hot glued on for scales.  They eyes were made of ping pong balls cut in half.  Max and Abby's blue hair was made with feather boas hot glued to scull caps.  There shirts were just red shirts with Thing 1 and Thing 2 iron ons.  We had a Cat in the Hat hat already, so I pinned some white felt to a black shirt for her "fur belly" and we tied her red sash from choir for her necktie.  So much fun!

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