Friday, May 3, 2013


One day after school Abby set up a little corner in her room for Max to do his art.  She also played her keyboard for him while he worked.  I love these little glimpses they let slip through that show how much they truly adore each other!! 

It's really funny to see the progress Sam has made at his last three preschool programs. Last year her cried for most of the program, then earlier this year he leaned on a little boy next to him for comfort and support (the little boy would have none of that), and he didn't let one word of the songs slip out. This year he made all kinds of squirmy, funny faces, trying not to smile like he does when he's nervous or unsure. He also spent much of the time checking out everything on the stage behind, beside, above and in front of him. He is an observer. But, this program he accidentally sang several parts of the songs. I think as soon as he realized he was participating he would make some kind of crazy body contortion. This is the same child who insists he wants to sing on American Idol! What a character!

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