Friday, June 14, 2013


Well...I would say the first week of summer was quite eventful...

* (iphone image) I guess this is how you hula-hoop in style

* (iphone images) So excited that the church used my scripture art as part of the stage set for our summer series.  They painted two 8'x10' boards black, projected my art and painted it.  Sooooo very cool!!!

* let the games begin (War is timeless)

* Madison left on Monday for an Alaskan cruise with my mom. These are from a museum in Alaska they visited before boarding the ship!  Trying really hard not to worry or think about the fact that she's so far way, and very excited for the precious memories she's making!  She'll be home in three more days, but who's counting???

* (iphone pics)  Our biggest adventure of the week was a trip to the doctor and from there Cook Children's Hospital for a cat scan.  Sam thought it would be fun to walk on the back of the couch like a tightrope and fell and hit his head.  He starting throwing up about an hour later so and had a couple episodes of that.  He was also EXTREMELY lethargic, which is NOTHING like Sam!!  So, the doctor thought it would be best to be cautious and sent us for a cat scan.  Keeping him awake while I was driving to Cook's was a comedy act.  I was driving, tickling, singing, yelling, laughing and making a complete fool of myself the whole way.  Thankfully he only had a concussion.  I'm afraid this will be the first (oh, wait, actually the second) trip to the hospital.  He went by ambulance about a year ago for a bad case of croup and difficulty breathing.  Oh, the fun!

* He thought the cat scan machine was fun and giggled the whole time in there.  There was a Superman sticker so he decided he was superman.  Before the cat scan he wouldn't talk at all, so that was a welcome sight. 

* "I'm not tired, I just want to read for a little while." :)  Looks like her bible is taking a beating.  I just know that God was smiling as she drifted off while reading His Word!!  What a sweet moment!

* pool time...

* birthday party at the skate rink.  Thankfully we walked away from this one with no injuries!!

* "Don't you try to eat my cupcake"

* Max and Abby needed the walkers on wheels.  They must get their coordination from me! :)

* Best Buds...LOVE!!!!

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