Friday, June 21, 2013


LOTS to share this week...

Starting with a fundraising benefit for Trinity Kids.  It was actually last week, but I forgot to post it.  IT was a backyard circus...lots of fun


*getting ready for camp

Hot Wheels and Hot Dogs...always a fun Father's Day tradition at our church... 

* We have the most awesome SWAT team guy that attends our church!  He always gives the glory to God and lives His life as a light for Christ!!  What a wonderful example for my kids!!!

* Since the girls were out of town for Father's Day, we are celebrating with Matt next Sunday, but we did get to enjoy a meal with my Daddy!!  Happy Father's Day, Dad!! 
Kid's Camp 2013 (Abby had the most wonderful sponsors who led her into a deeper walk with Christ, loved on her and sent her mommy lots of pictures during the week to soothe her aching heart!!  




* he's not gonna let go of Abby's arm for a while!! 


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