Friday, June 28, 2013


Wow...we're halfway through the year! Summer is in full swing and June dashed through the finish line in record time!! OH MY!!!!

* We had the awesome storm system roll in.  It was sunny outside, then within minutes these clouds blanketed the sky...beautiful!!

* Our latest fad is pretending to be superfrog. He brings me one of his two frog towels at least 10 times a day to put on his head and runs off to save the day as superfrog!

* Saturday morning Abby, our entrepreneur, had the great idea to have a lemonade stand. She was soon busy making cookies, lemonade and signs and enlisting her siblings to help. It was so cute to see their personalities come out through the project. Abby was quickly decided entertainment was needed and brought her keyboard out to serenade the guests, Max was the greeter/customer service and waved and grinned at every car that drove by, Madison, my thinker, made stats about how many cars drove by vs. how many cars stopped, and averaged how much money there were making an hour. They made $29 in three hours and spent their money at the movies watching Monster's University that night!! So proud of my hard working kiddos!

* We had a super moon this month. Apparently it appeared 15% larger than usual because of the tilt of the earth or something scientific like that! :) I don't own any zoom lenses so I couldn't get the best picture...but it was beautiful!

* Since both Madison and Abby were gone for Father's Day we celebrated a week later. The girls made Matt some brownies with peanut butter frosting...yum! They also put on play that was a parody of his summer school was pretty funny.

* Abby was invited to a tea party by our friend Jenna. The girls had so much fun at a proper tea party. They even made a craft and got to go swimming!! All of this is Abby's love language!! She was giddy!

* My niece, Casey, came over this week to give the girls and I haircuts. Abby LOVES babies and had so much fun playing with baby Harleigh! She as the touch too. She was getting fussy so Abby held her, gave her a bottle and she fell right to sleep in Abby's arms!

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