Saturday, July 20, 2013


I tend to think we weren't very busy during the week until I look at the pictures I want to post for 52 weeks...


We had the privilege of attending "The Quarter CafĂ©".  Our friends lost their 5 week old daughter a few years ago and each year sell baked goods (mostly donated by their community/friends) in front of their house.  The money they raise goes to Cook Children's Hospital.  They do an amazing job!!  They also have a balloon release in Jordan's honor.  It has been humbling to watch them glorify God through their great loss!!

Saturday night... we got together to celebrate our July birthdays (Mamaw and Sam) at On The Border. The kids loved watching the balloon guy make their balloon animals/swords. I love it when we make the time to all get together!! Love my family!!
Sunday...We enjoyed dinner with a few families from our community that we ADORE!! They are gifts God has given us to spur us on and it was a great time of refreshment!!
Monday-Friday... My kids attended the awesome St. John's VBS. Matt blessed me by taking the kids each day so I don't have any pictures...but I did get a little bit of work done :) SCORE!! Max got a Science Experiments book from PawPaw and Mamaw and he and Madison had a fun doing lots of experiments together this week!
Tuesday...we finally got to try out our free bowling summer passes at Alley Cats. They still charge you for the shoe rental, but they gave us a $5 gift card for each shoe rental so I'm thinking it was a great deal for about two hours of family fun that all six of us could enjoy!

 **  I had to take a picture of this score...a turkey in the will never happen again!! :)

Wednesday... hmmm...not sure what this day entailed. Thursday...we were blessed with lots of rain and cooler temperatures this week! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE rain!!! Since the past week was miserably hot, it was nice that the kids could enjoy the good outdoors this week!! Too fun!!!
And a beautiful gift from God...
Friday was spent preparing for the boy's "shark" party. We made party favor "shark bait" using gummy sharks and sour patch people. We bought blue corn tortillas chips to stick in the cupcakes as shark fins. I LOVE planning birthday parties!! So much fun!!!
Friday night...the party was at Howard Moore play pool this year. This is where we had Sam's first birthday party just five months after we got him home!! It brought back great memories!!

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