Monday, April 7, 2014


Just some iphone pictures this week!

We started off the week visiting the Boyd's at Legacy.  It made me miss them more!!  Loved our morning and afternoon together!!

Sweet Abby donated her own money to our mission trip this summer! She has a heart of gold. And, SIM (our mission sending organization) showed just how awesome they are with a letter thanking her for her obedience in partnering to fulfill the great commission. What a blessing!!

Our beautiful Madison had a swim banquet this week. Just another reminder of how quickly she's growing up. I might burst with love for my sweet girl!!

The Koceich crew has had a pretty good track record for staying healthy...UNTIL THIS YEAR!! Oh my, I hope the rest of 2014 is a breeze. Madison started the fiasco with a very high fever, then Max and finally Sam. Then about a week later Max had a tummy bug, then strep (for the third time in the last six months) and sweet Abby stayed home today with an upset tummy. No more sick days for the K-crew...PLEASE!!! It breaks my mommy heart!

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