Monday, April 7, 2014


I was super blessed this past weekend at our Pantego Bible Church Ladies Retreat!!  Such an amazing time with women who spur me on to be more like Christ and walk with boldness, courage and grace!!  Loved the time being renewed!!

* our small group

It was also a sweet time to come back to my crew!! It's true...absence (and some time to hear your own thoughts for a while) does make the heart grow fonder! :)

snuggling on the trampoline


 I NEVER play April Fool's jokes. As a matter of fact, I really don't like pranks at all! But, I had an opportunity I just could not pass up on April Fool's Day. What is a girl to do?? I went to the chiropractor and it was determined I needed x-rays. So, I needed to take a pregnancy test before said x-rays. I mean, come on, I took a pregnancy test on April Fools Day...what else was I supposed to do. I took this picture later at a friend's house and the following texts between Matt and I ensued...
 C: Are you sitting down
M: Yes (monkey emoji covering his eyes) What's up?
C: I had to take a pregnancy test at Dr Joe's so I could get X-rays today. (insert picture below)
M: And????????
C: pretty sure it's positive
M: Whoa Nellie. When would we know for sure (scared looking emoji)
C: APRIL FOOLS!! (lots of hearts) Love you, honey!!
M: aw man
C: are you disappointed?
M: heart almost stopped working though!  You got me  (shocked cat face emoji)
M: You stinker

* terrible iphone picture of me...but you had to see it to...this is my attempt to be forlorn, but completely unable to hide my inner giggles.  I have THE WORST poker face!!

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