Friday, December 7, 2012


Wow...only 3 more weeks to go for 2012!  That is crazy!!!

This past weekend we cheered Abby on at her first gymnastics meet of the season.  She did great with a 9.6 on the vault, a 9.1 on the uneven bars, an 8.3 on the balance beam and 8.5 on her floor routine.  Soooo proud of my girl!  Move over Gabby Douglas...Abby's in the house!!

And, our little elf, Jingle, has certainly made himself at home!

*drinking maple syrup with a straw

*checking out all of our Christmas books

* riding the elf express around the tree

*marshmallow bubble bath under the tree (apparantly marshmallows are especially good for elf skin)

* apparantly pull-ups are the secret to keeping his elfish physique

* and he discovered our candy stash...uh, oh!

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