Saturday, December 1, 2012


Busy, busy December...

The Girls have their own Christmas tree that is sooo cute in their room and perfect lighting for sweet bedtime moments!!

Sam had his school Christmas concert.  It was hilarious!  As soon as he started to walk in and saw all of the people he stopped dead in his tracks and wouldn't budge.  the beginning of the line made it all the way across the stage and Ms. Nanette had to come and walk him to catch up with the others.  I was so proud of him because last year he cried through the whole thing...totally overwhelmed.  This year he did not take his eyes off the crowd except to flash me a 1 second smile.  He had a dear in the headlights look in his face the whole concert, but he sang the words.  The funniest part was when he put his had on the little boys back next to him which he does when he's feeling uncertain.  The little boy would have none of that and was working hard to get Sam's arm off his back, Sam didn't even seem to notice.  Really cute!!

And, Jingle has been having fun being mischievous and fun at the Koceich house.  You can follow him on the FB page he created  HERE.  Way too fun!!

And, in the middle of all of the business, let's thrown in a full moon just to make it more fun!  Shew...what a week!

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