Friday, December 21, 2012


We sure are going to miss Jingle's antics when he heads back to the North Pole

* undies roasting on an open fire...

* Jingle told us to make sure to give everyone in the family a kiss today (and, change all the burnt out light bulbs in the house...come on people, get organize!)

* Jingle loves games with his new Christmas friends

* I think they have the true meaning of Christmas on their minds

* Jingle wants us to always remember whose birth we are celebrating and how mighty He is and the peace with have through Him!

* Jingle reminds us that it is better to give than to receive

* Jingle had us plant some magic seeds in sugar and look what grew the next day

* Jingle gave us a kick start in our present wrapping

**  This year's Christmas baking included sweet and spicy chex mix...YUM

* and two batches of fudge (one chocolate and one peanut butter/chocolate)

* the boys working hard to put the girls new book case together!

* and a final Christmas performance (just look at that sweet smile)

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