Sunday, January 19, 2014


As I said, November was crazy busy with sessions and Etsy design orders so I guess I didn't pick up the camera for personal pictures this week.  So, I looked to see what iphone pictures I took this 2nd week in November and found some treasures!  Terrible quality...but love the pictures anyway!  It always puzzles me when photographers criticize iphone snapshots.  I say capture the memory and smile!  I'm learning not to be a perfectionist to the point that I don't enjoy simply living in the moment! :)

* This is Sara, one of my favorite students from my past life as a teacher. I had Sara for fourth and fifth grade and she and her mom were and still are treasures to me. You can only imagine my joy when they asked me to shoot Sara's bridal portraits!! It was the most amazing time!! I am soooo proud of Sara and so excited to see where God will guide her future!!

 * Sara and I at award's assembly...

 * A quick snapshot of an amazing sunrise!

 * sweet Sam singing the national anthem at Madison's swim meet...

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