Thursday, January 16, 2014


Our Shepherd's retreat is incredible!!  Our area pastors pour so much effort, love and thought into planning the retreat for us.  We leave feeling refreshed and empowered and equipped to Shepherd.  We LOVE our APs!!!

*  We had fun playing this game (can't remember what it is called)  Matt is the thief trying to escape and we are all trying to figure out where he has fled, so he has to be tricky when he's looking at the board so we don't know where he is hiding...really fun, especially seeing Matt squirm and listening to the other analytical minds at the table trying to deduce his whereabouts!  :)

* love these goofy guys!

* Pine Cove is a BEAUTIFUL camp!

** And a few of my favorite "photo booth" shots!!
** It was also a goodbye weekend for one of our very favorite couples in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Kevin and Lindsey. We miss them immensely, but are so proud to see them walking in full obedience the path marked out for them!!
And, our incredible pastors...rock band style!!

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