Thursday, January 23, 2014


There are those weeks where I don't pick up my camera, and then there are those weeks where I don't put it down.  This week of Thanksgiving has been busy and fun!

* We always love Thanksgiving Feast at St. John. And, love my littlest turkey!

* Just some of our Homegroup kids.
* A few of our HG peeps...blessed for sure!
* I have to say, I'm impressed with her reasoning skills. That's the way to chop an onion. Prep for the cornbread stuffing...
* and what is Thanksgiving without cranberries and apples??
Thanksgiving #1 at PawPaw and Mamaw's house...
* we adore our cousins...

Our tradition is to decorate the tree right after Thanksgiving and watch the Polar Express. One of my favorite days of the year! (ignore the burned out lights...ain't nobody got time for that!)
* and, of course, Jingle makes his appearance that night!

* This year we had Thanksgiving #2 at our house...

the craft...

I have the most servant-hearted family! I turned around and Darel, my brother-in-law, was fixing our front door knob, then went outside and Jimmy was fixing the oil link on the Jetta. Paw Paw fixed the clock on the wall too. I think I'll host a dinner at my house once a month!! :)
what a beauty!!!

* Josephina ;)

* another kid's craft

Don't ever confuse our family with being normal. We are sooo not! And I love it! :)
* my Abby has the biggest heart!!!

 What a day...I had Sam go lie in my bed for a minute because he was being crazy wild and he fell fast asleep in about 10 seconds flat!
* Jingle updating his Facebook page

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